Backed by Konnect Africa, Powered by Eutelsat.


Konnect Africa leverages Eutelsat’s global expertise and local presence to deliver the best technology and service to Africa


Eutelsat’s state-of-the art satellite broadband infrastructure enables Partners to offer reliable broadband access throughout Sub-Saharan Africa at an affordable price

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Konnect Africa


Saturn Broadband is a partner of Konnect Africa. Eutelsat provides satellite broadband services over Africa through Konnect Africa.

In 2020 Konnect Africa is launching it’s own satellite to provide connectivity over all of Africa.



Eutelsat is a French Multinational Company and a global leader in commercial satellite communication. A pioneer in space, Eutelsat has over 40 years of experience. It has 38 satellites for global coverage and 7 satellites to be launch.

Some Features About Our Satellite Internet Service

24/7 Support

We provide 24 hour Customer Support.

Reliable Broadband Service

Gateway is in Luxembourg. Network Operations Centre is in Turin.

Highspeed Connectivity

We use Jupiter Two Platform Latency is 650mS.

We Are Here To Provide You Best Broadband Service

We are backed by Konnect Africa. Powered by Eutelsat,

Konnect Africa and Eutelsat have a solid investment program.

We are here for the long haul!

How To Get Connected

Purchase VSAT

User Terminal comprises: 74 cm Dish, LNB, Modem.

Book Installation

VSAT is easy to install. We confirm installation within 24 hour.s

Get Connected

Choose your data plan, for fast and reliable internet connection..

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