Business Internet solutions for 2019

Business internet connection in remote areas

Posted By Fleur on Monday 12th August 2019

Telkom has announced that by December it’s doing away with ADSL for internet connection. Many businesses use ADSL to connect to the internet, especially when there are branches and stores in areas that don’t have fibre. ADSL is provided on legacy copper infrastructure. For this reason it is one of the cheapest methods to access the internet. What is a good alternative to ADSL? Satellite broadband is a cost effective alternative to ADSL for connectivity. Satellite broadband uses high throughput satellites in Geo-stationary orbit. This means that the VSA doesn’t require line-of-site of a tower. The connection is always available and stable. Microwave is popular in the more remote areas and is considered an alternative to ADSL. Many of the microwave data packages are uncapped and so appear to be cheaper than satellite broadband. However, uncapped packages can be misleading in terms of being seen as more cost effective. The challenge with microwave broadband is that line-of-site of the tower is required for Quality of Service. If the terrain doesn’t allow for this then microwave will not provide the required quality of service. In order to provide cheap uncapped data plans, the service provider must get as many users as possible. The downside is that the contention ratio is high and during peak times the service is slow. Service providers apply a Fair User Policy and throttle users in order to allow all of the users to be on the internet at the same time. The service becomes slow and unstable. Our satellite broadband is fast. Our broadband service is reliable and stable. We don’t apply a fair user policy and we have a low contention ratio. Our business data plans are affordable and compare favorably with GSM data prices. If you consider that our broadband service is always available, fast and reliable, then our satellite broadband service is a viable alternative to ADSL.

Fast Reliable Internet Connection

Fast Reliable Internet Connection

Posted By Fleur on Saturday 18th April 2015

Satellite broadband provides a fast, reliable internet connection. One usually thinks of fibre, LTE, GSM, microwave and ADSL as the means to connect to the internet. Not all areas have access to fibre and to LTE. Those outside of the fibre network rely on GSM, point-to-point or ADSL to connect to the internet. These technologies can be slow and unreliable. Satellite broadband is fast, reliable and affordable. The price of data is comparable to GSM and microwave. 




For those areas outside the fibre network, satellite internet is the best technology for connecting to the internet. For internet technologies to be effective requires a fast and reliable internet connection. The connection provided by GSM, ADSL and microwave can be slow and unreliable. Satellite broadband is always available, is fast and reliable. Saturn Broadband provides an internet connection that is fast, reliable and affordable. Our data plans are capped and are cheaper than GSM data plans.